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Advancing Global Business Solutions

At the Centre for International Business, we are committed to fostering excellence in international business through cutting-edge research, transformative education programs, and strategic advisory services. Our mission is to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the global economy.

Expert Faculty

Our team of distinguished professors and industry experts bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the table, ensuring high-quality higher education and research outcomes.

Cutting-Edge Research

We are at the forefront of international business research, conducting innovative studies that address critical challenges and provide actionable insights for businesses and policymakers.

Comprehensive Consultancy

From market entry strategies to international partnership development, our consultancy services offer tailored solutions to help businesses achieve their global expansion goals.

Our aims are as follows: 
  1. Knowledge transfer in international business research.
  2. Critical review of Islamic financial products, institutions, and markets.
  3. Coordination of research and teaching in strategy, Islamic economics, and finance.
  4. Creation of an international platform for debate, dialogue, research, and publication on contemporary issues and challenges in Islamic finance.
  5. Exploration of opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with all stakeholders in Islamic finance.

 Research Interests

 Internationally, TCIB's work encompasses oil-producing nations, especially OPEC, Islamic Finance, Complexity, Debt restructuring, Islamic Sukuk, transition economies, and more. Our research program covers diverse, cross-disciplinary themes within research clusters, including:

  • Islamic Finance and Moral Economy: Examining the intersection of Islamic faith, economics, moral economies, and technological developments within the Islamic finance industry, such as fintech, blockchain, and digital financing.
  • Religion, Science, and Education: Critical analysis of science education in contemporary Muslim societies, along with recommendations to address pressing issues.
  • Islamic Sustainable Development: Hosting debates and discussions on institutional dynamics, contextual barriers, and other factors affecting sustainable development within the Muslim world.

The core members of TCIB contribute to the following areas:

  • Sustainable finance development and faith
  • Islamic fintech and digital financing in the Islamic finance industry
  • The development of a complexity/evolutionary-based model for corporate strategy, alliances, and partnerships
  • Evaluation of Islamic interbank benchmark rates
  • Replication of financial portfolios
  • Poverty elimination, Zakat, and social capital


About Us

Meet Prof. Issam Tlemsani, Director of Research 

Issam Tlemsani is a Professor of Finance, specializing in Islamic Finance, leveraging over 25 years of academic experience. Holding significant positions within professional bodies including QAA, CAA, BQA, and HEC, he is recognized for his pivotal contributions to the field. With a portfolio of over 100 published papers in esteemed journals, Issam has garnered numerous accolades, including the Best Researcher Award at Zayed University in (2013), Winner of Best Paper Award by the Irish Academy of Management in (2004). Beyond academia, Issam has consulted for private and public sector organizations in the areas of Islamic banking and finance. 

Leading Research at TCIB

As the intellectual leader and research manager at TCIB, Prof. Tlemsani plays a pivotal role in overseeing and guiding research endeavors. His interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving and solution proposals sets the standard for research at TCIB. He is the author of over 100 papers and texts published in esteemed top-tier finance journals. His research contributions have received recognition through prestigious awards and grants.

Diverse Research Areas

The research conducted at TCIB spans a wide range of areas, including:

  • Central Banks' Digital Currency, Fintech, and Blockchain: Exploring the impact and potential of digital currencies, fintech innovations, and blockchain technology on central banking and financial systems.
  • Econophysics: Applying physics and complex systems principles to understand and model economic phenomena and financial markets.
  • Financial Portfolio Replication: Investigating strategies and techniques for replicating and optimizing financial portfolios.
  • Poverty Elimination, Zakat, and Social Capital: Addressing issues related to poverty alleviation, the concept of Zakat (Islamic Tithes), and the role of social capital in fostering economic and social development.
  • Complexity-based Model of Corporate Strategy, Alliances, and Partnerships: Developing models and frameworks to comprehend the dynamics of corporate strategy, alliances, and partnerships using complexity theory.
  • Islamic Finance: Researching and analyzing the practices of Islamic finance, Sharia-compliant financial instruments, Sukuk, investment, and risk management.
  • Transition and Emerging Economies, especially MENA: Examining the challenges and opportunities associated with transition and emerging economies, with a particular focus on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Honours and Awards

  • Senior Advisor, Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions
  • Judge for The Ethical Finance Innovation Challenge Awards in 2014, 2015, and 2021 in the UAE
  • Fellow of the Royal Institute of Science, UK (2014)
  • Best Researcher Award, College of Business, Zayed University (2013)
  • Research Awards from the IABPAD, USA (2010 and 2012)
  • Best Paper Award from the Irish Academy of Management (2004)


About Us

Meet Prof. Robin Matthews: Economist and Advisor 

Prof. Robin Matthews is a multifaceted professional, renowned for his contributions as an economist, researcher, author, advisor, speaker, and educator. With a distinguished career spanning various Business Schools, he has consistently applied economic theory and strategic concepts to address some of the most complex challenges faced by corporations, economies, and societies.

Prof. Matthews has authored over 200 articles in leading academic journals. His research encompasses a diverse set of themes, including complexity science and evolutionary applications in business, global business, alliances, economic development (with a focus on transition economies), development and simulation of complexity and games, learning, networks, and semiotics.

In addition to his extensive economic research, Prof. Matthews explores other areas of interest, including open learning and applications of new media, management and spirituality, Sufism, and Islamic Economics.

A Global Influence

Robin's extensive research has garnered recognition from governments, corporations, and academic communities worldwide. His expertise has made a substantial impact in numerous fields. His research contributions have received numerous awards, attesting to their exceptional quality and relevance.

His work touches upon a wide range of subjects, including organizational evolution, company strategy, economic development, creativity, and imagination.

TCIB Associates

TCIB collaborates with a select group of accomplished individuals, academic institutions, and the industry. The associates include:

  • Dr. Alexander Ageev
  • Dr. Mohamad Eshhati
  • Dr. Hosein Piranfar
  • Dr Mohamed Ashmel Mohamed Hashim

Academic Institutions:

  • Kingston University
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University 
  • London School of Commerce
  • RANEPA, Moscow

Together, this team of dedicated professionals works to push the boundaries of economic research and offer valuable insights into the complex economic and structural challenges faced by contemporary societies.



Awards and Achievements of TCIB

The Centre for International Business has achieved recognition and accolades for its outstanding contributions to the field of international business and economics. Some of the notable awards and honors received by TCIB include:

  • Judging Role for the Ethical Finance Innovation Challenge Awards: TCIB played a pivotal role in the Ethical Finance Innovation Challenge Awards, serving as a judge for the prestigious event in 2014 and 2015. The awards were organized by Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Thomson Reuters.
  • Best Researcher Award (2013): In 2013, TCIB was honored with the Best Researcher Award by Zayed University Business College, a testament to the center's exceptional contributions to research and academia.
  • Research Award (2012): TCIB received a Research Award in 2012 for its significant work in Islamic Home Financing, presented by The International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines in Texas, USA.
  • Best Research Award (2010): TCIB's research on "The Compatibility of Islam and the West: The Context of Global Banking" was recognized with the Best Research Award in 2010 by The International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines in Dallas, Texas.
  • Silver Order (2009): In 2009, TCIB was honored with the Silver Order for Outstanding Strategic Achievements, RS No.9, acknowledging the center's remarkable strategic contributions.
  • Outstanding Achievement Award (2008): In recognition of exemplary service in the development and management of Kingston / ANE Master of Business Administration, Moscow 1998 - 2008.
  • Best Paper Award (2004): TCIB was awarded the Best Paper Award in 2004 for its research on the "Application of Non-Linear Dynamics in Economic Strategies" in Russia.
  • Best Paper Award (2004): In the same year, TCIB received the Best Paper Award in the Strategy Track for its paper on "Zakat and Social Capital: Parallels between Islam and the West" at the Irish Academy of Management, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Avanbar (1999) Citation of Excellence: TCIB's research received the Avanbar Citation of Excellence in 1999, highlighting the exceptional quality of its work.
  • Best Paper Award (1998): In 1998, TCIB was honored with the Best Paper Award by the Academy of Business Disciplines in San Francisco, recognizing the center's significant contributions to the field of international business and economics.

These awards and honors collectively underscore TCIB's dedication to research excellence, innovation, and its substantial influence on the international business and economic communities.


Research Papers

Discover our extensive collection of research papers, meticulously crafted to offer profound insights into diverse aspects of finance and economics. Our research spans a wide spectrum, providing a wealth of knowledge on various critical topics in the field.

Sukuk Database

Explore, the forefront provider of comprehensive Sukuk coverage. Delve into a wealth of information on issuers, arrangers, and detailed Sukuk data. From coupon rates to credit ratings and supporting documentation, is your go-to resource for in-depth Sukuk information.

Islamic Finance

Unlock a world of opportunities in Islamic finance with our array of tools and applications. Our offerings include Eikon-powered insights and analysis, Shariah-compliant asset performance tracking, innovative Islamic finance workflow solutions, and more. Seize the potential of Islamic finance with our cutting-edge resources. Learn more.

Malaysia’s Islamic Finance Marketplace is Open to the World

The MIFC Community is a collaborative network of Malaysia's esteemed financial sector regulators. Comprising the Central Bank of Malaysia, Securities Commission Malaysia, Labuan Financial Services Authority, and Bursa Malaysia, this community opens the doors to Malaysia's thriving Islamic finance marketplace. Explore more and become a part of this dynamic financial ecosystem.

Research Papers


Our consultancy services have left a lasting impact on a diverse range of esteemed clients, spanning a multitude of industries. We've collaborated with prominent organizations such as the Confederation of British Trade Industry, IBM, the UK Civil Aviation Authority, BP Oil, BP Chemicals, GKN, Confederation of British Industry, Forum for the Future, British Council, Metapraxis, Sverbank, Nokia Siemens, Megafon, Novo Nordisk, Business Intelligence, Arthur Anderson, Comshare, Pilot Software, James Capel, Unichem, Marley Rooftiles, Knowhaus, Brown and Root plc, Costain plc, Coba Group, British Aerospace, British Telecom, Dalgety, Ewbank Preece, London Weekend Television, National Economic Development Council, Kings Fund, Reckitt and Colman, Legacy International (Virginia, USA), UK Trade and Investment, Far Eastern Joint Stock Company (Vladivostok), and several other Russian companies.

Our consultancy work extends to providing in-depth reports to government bodies, shedding light on alliance behavior, firm strategies, and partnerships in education. Notably, we've worked with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia National Competitiveness Centre (NCC), Barclays Capital, the Islamic Foundation in the UK, Maynard Leigh Associates, Grist online intelligence, the Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority (SAGIA), and conducted an extensive study of the Malaysian financial market.


Our journalistic endeavors have graced renowned media platforms, reflecting our commitment to sharing insights and knowledge. We've contributed to esteemed publications such as the Sunday Times and London Times, offering expert analysis and commentary. Our presence extends to broadcast journalism, with appearances on the BBC Today Programme and World Service, as well as the Money Programme. We've shared our expertise through radio, with features on Surrey Radio and Grand Rapids Press and Radio. Our engagement in media also includes collaborations with London Weekend and the production of "The Silver Lining" in partnership with VideoIBM.

These experiences in journalism and consultancy underscore our multifaceted engagement with a wide array of sectors, emphasizing our commitment to delivering impactful insights and solutions.

Current Projects

At the heart of our ongoing projects are dynamic collaborations with esteemed partners, such as the Confederation of British Industry, IBM, BP, Reckitt, and Colman, ACFES (Vladivostok), the King's Fund, and the Civil Aviation Authority. Our project initiatives have extended their reach internationally, particularly within the Russian Federation.

One of our significant achievements has been the establishment of an open learning management program, achieved through a robust partnership with the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation. In 1999, we jointly founded the management journal "Economic Strategy" with our Russian partners, furthering our commitment to knowledge exchange and academic exploration.

Our project portfolio is both diverse and impactful, with substantial efforts dedicated to in-depth research and analysis in areas such as the Russian and Middle Eastern energy sectors, Islamic financial institutions, and the complex landscape of OPEC.

Committees and Professional Affiliations

We are deeply engaged in various editorial, advisory, and professorial committees, reflecting our commitment to advancing knowledge and expertise in diverse domains. Our affiliations include:

  • World Research Club (UK)
  • International Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP, USA) 
  • International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD, USA) 
  • Journal of Management and Spirituality 
  • Strategic Management Journal 
  • Economic and Social Research Council 
  • Association of Commonwealth Universities
  • Complexity and Complex Systems in Industry 
  • Economic Strategies (Moscow)
  • Founding Committee Member of the Standing Conference on Management and Organizational Inquiry (USA)
  • Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management (IMEFM)
  • British Academy of Management
  • Royal Institute of Science (UK)
  • Swiss Islamic Banking and Finance Association (Switzerland)
  • Islamic Banker Group (UK)
  • The Islamic Finance Globe (UK)
  • Financial Management Association (USA)
  • Global Islamic Finance Resources (UK)
  • Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research
  • Journal of Education, Business, and Society: Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues 
  • The Journal of Risk Finance 
  • Tamara: Journal of Critical Postmodern Organization Science  

Our active participation in these committees and organizations highlights our dedication to research, education, and advancing knowledge in various domains.

Grants and Research Funding

Our commitment to groundbreaking research is supported by a range of prestigious grants and funding initiatives. These partnerships and grants include:

  • Qatar University the Competitive Position of Qatar as Global Islamic Financial Center
  • Qatar University Developing Adaptive Sharia Business Processes Models for Islamic Finance 
  • Zayed University: Banking by Text Mining the Holy Qur’an and Hadith; The Relationship of Performance Management in the Emirati Context; The Competitive Position of UAE as a Global Islamic Financial Centre
  • Knowhow Fund (TACL) Award for promoting Small Business Planning in the Russian Federation with Ara Yeghiazarian and Eve Hicks
  • Rothschild Foundation
  • Soros Foundation support with Philip Crossland and John Cheetham.
  • Trade & Investment: Finance in the UK 
  • Knowhow Fund Reap Bid for Award for Training Russian Academics 1997-9, Matthews, Yeghiazarian.
  • Lady Thatcher Foundation
  • LeverhulmeHigher: Transition Economy 
  • Higher Education Funding Council
  • UK Cabinet Office
  • Currently joint grant applications to EPRC with Professor Schagaev of London Metropolitan University

These grants and funding partnerships are vital in facilitating our groundbreaking research and reinforcing our commitment to advancing knowledge across diverse domains.

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