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How Dynamic are Dynamic Possibilities?


Refinements to the dynamic capabilities model of Teece et al (1997) have provided a basis for a sounder understanding of the dynamics of organisational change and in environments of rapid and unpredictable change it has encouraged debate with the need for more theoretical and empirical research. The emphasis within dynamic capabilities models of identifiable and specific processes and routines as the driver behind creation and reconfigurations of resources leads to a conclusion that such an idiosyncratic connection with an organisation’s fate encourages the need for a broader unit of analysis, that of the organisation. With managerial capitalism considered to be at its adaptive range, new paradigms of evolutionary theory need to be developed. Dynamic capabilities continue to provide a deeper understanding of why firm’s differ in performance and with the continued pace of change will encourage the adaptation of competitive advantage paradigms to reflect the challenges faced by organisations. This paper focuses on the impact of disruptive changes on the capability set of firms.

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