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Professor Robin Matthews Research Publications List 
Sufi Contemplation and Management: Latifas as Centres of Consciousness 
A Note on Complex Adaptive Systems 
A Note on Globalisation 
Chronos Capitalism: Failures of New Capitalism 
A Note on the Theory of the Business Firm 
A New Model of Strategy Applied to the Russian Situation 
Evolving Classifiers to Model the Relationship Between Strategy and Corperate Performance Using Grammatical Evolution 
Grammatical Evolution and Corporate Failure Prediction 
Product Architecture, Modularity and Product Design: A Complexity Perspective 
Organisational Adaptation on Rugged Landscapes 
Technological Invention As Recombinant Search 
Compatibility of Islamic and Western Traditions the Case of Social Capital 
Evoultionary Learning: Significance For Business Organization And Strategy 
Islamic Finance 
Incentive Compatible Contracts: The Islamic View 
Intelligent Strategy 
Competition Complexity and Stability in Organizations 
Information Strategy and Semiotics 
Complexity Ontology and Globalization: Some Propositions 
Strategic Alliances: A Successful Story 
Complex Adaptive Systems, Co-operative Games and Strategic Issues 
Path Dependence and Transition Strategies 
A Spin Glass Model of Decisions in Organizations 
Four Narratives of Identity Applications to the Financial Sector 
Fundamental Aspects of the Russian Crisis 
Strategy is Mathematics and Meditation: CAS Thinking about Organizations 
Mysticism Hermeneutics and the Evolution of Capitalism 
Ethical Banking: The Islamic View 
Competition Archetypes and Creative Imagination 
Organisational matrix 
Inaugural lecture 
Grammar Representations and Mental Maps: Insights into Corporate Strategy 
A Theory: Organizational Change 
Profit Sharing and Risk in Islamic Finance 
Meditations on Strategy: Provisional Text 
How Dynamic are Dynamic Possibilities? 
Islamic Banking in Europe: Developments and Implications 
Interest in Islamic Finance 
Manufacturing Identity: Synchronicity and Correspondences in Kronos Capitalism 
Professor Robin Matthews Speech in Baku 
The Financial Tower of Babel: Roots of Crisis,  
Islamic Finance Textbook 2010 
Showing 44 items