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Dr. Issam Tlemsani

Dr. Issam Tlemsani has extensive expertise in Islamic finance, economics and interdisciplinary business at an academic and practitioner level. Established network amongst academics, Islamic finance and industry stakeholders in Europe and Middle East.


  • Fundamentals of Islamic Finance
  • Transition economies
  • Shariah-compliant investment
  • Islamic banking
  • Macro/Micro economics
  • Islamic project financing
  • Shariah-compliant risk management
  • Housing finance and Shariah-compliant mortgage products
  • Zakat and social capital

 Islamic Finance Textbook 2010

Senior Consultant

Professor Robin Matthews

Professor Emeritus of International Business at Kingston University Business School 
J M Keynes Professor of Management at Academy of National Economy in Moscow

President of League of Corporate Strategy Moscow


  • There are essentially three branches of work: Investigation of complex adaptive systems and game theory in a management context
  • Self-organization, transition economies and business evolution.
  • Spirituality, social capital and sustainability

Internationally the work of the Centre includes the oil producing nations especially OPEC and Islamic financial banking. It also includes transition economies especially the Russian Federation. The research programme reflects these interests. An open learning management programme has been set up in partnership with the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation, and the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences

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Dr Elena Karpukhina vice rector Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation
Dr Alexander Ageev
Dr Andrei Korolev
Dr Mohamad Eshhati
Dr Hosein Piranfar
Steve Fitzpatrick
Frank Martin
Olga Soui ke Min