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The mission of the centre is to leverage our leading-edge competencies to provide superior solution to global issues of growth, transition, competitiveness and ethics at the industry and organizational level by research consultancy and training.


  • Knowledge transfer on key issues in international business research.
  • Fostering the development of theoretical and conceptual frameworks in key areas in international business research.
  • Developing expertise and sharing knowledge and skills in cutting edge approaches to effectively using quantitative and qualitative data to test and develop theories.
  • Developing a strong base of doctoral students studying International Business topics.


Established in 1996 the Centre for International Business (CIB) strives to promote the study of the past development and future evolution of business in an international and comparative context. (CIB) has an international reputation for research and consultancy in global business ranging from:
  • Transition problems (especially Russia)
  • Global business strategy
  • Modelling of organizational behaviour
  • Inter cultural issues International business theory and strategy
  • Islamic finance and ethical banking

The theoretical foundations of our work are complexity and game theory. Applications include mergers, alliances, the evolution of industries, (especially the financial and energy sectors), and OPEC. Ethical, ontological and cross-cultural interactions including Islamic principles are high on the agenda.

The Centre is especially engaged with the promotion of Islamic Finance, the principles of which have become increasingly relevant in a global economy that has been blighted by excessive leverage and debt. 

Current Research Interests

The work of the Core members of the Centre covers the following areas.

  • The importance of international business and social networks for the competitiveness of firms in global business
  • Transition and emerging economies, especially Russia
  • Complexity and Simulation
  • Evolution of Firms and Industries
  • The global economy as a complex adaptive system in a management context
  • Spirituality, Zakat, Islamic banking and social capital.
  • The development of a complexity/evolutionary based model of corporate strategy, alliances and partnerships
  • Sustainability and the compatibility of different systems in the global business environment.   
  • The role of creativity and imagination.
  • The study of the impact of different belief systems in the global economy particularly on Islamic finance and the compatibility to western financial institutions.


  • Investigation of complex adaptive systems and game theory in a management context
  • Complexity science and evolutionary applications to business
  • Alliances, economic development, especially transition economies
  • learning; networks and semiotics.
  • Management and spirituality, Sufism, Islamic Banking and Finance.